Gealan 8000

Gealan 8000

The S 8000 IQ profile system is a new product with a width of 74 mm which meets all the requirements of modern window technology. It has remarkable heat retention qualities thanks to its six-chamber construction.

It efficiently blocks out noise, guaranteeing a feeling of safety and comfort of use. This system is also highly static, due to the large steel construction elements used in the frame and leaf. The wide range of colours available enable countless variations. To prevent the formation of mould, additional ventilation systems can be installed on demand. It is easy to care for thanks to its large and smooth surfaces. Its very good heat retention properties help not only to reduce heating costs, but also to actively reduce CO2 emissions. The profile has a classic shape with rounded edges. Its optimal design conserves the use of raw materials, simultaneously helping to protect the natural environment.


  • Outstanding thermal insulation thanks to a six-chambered construction
  • Very good statics thanks to steel reinforcements in the frame and leaf
  • Rich colour palette allows unlimited variation in finishing
  • Exterior profile has a classic shape with rounded edges
  • Optimal geometry in terms of materials conserves natural resources and the natural environment
  • Ease of maintenance provided by the large and smooth surfaces

Group I — Imitation wood

Golden Oak — renolit 2178001
Swamp Oak — renolit 3167004
Nut — renolit 2178001
Mahogany — renolit 2178001

Group II — Imitation wood

Oregon — renolit 1192001
Douglas Fir — renolit 3069037
Winchester XA — renolit 49240
Natural Nut — renolit 4252041
Mountain Pine — renolit 3069041
Light Oak — renolit 3118076
Cherry — renolit 4252043
Walnut — renolit 4252042
Macore — renolit 3162002
Siena PR Rosso — renolit 49233
Siena PN Noce — renolit 49237
Dark Oak — renolit 2178001
Chocolate Brown — renolit 887505
Anthracite — renolit 701605
Navy Blue — renolit 515005
Green — renolit 612505
Cream — renolit 137905
Grey — renolit 715505

Group III — custom colours


Group IV — RAL colour palette — acrylcolor

Standard colours

RAL 7015
RAL 7016
RAL 7040
RAL 8014
ACRYLCOLOR dark brown
ACRYLCOLOR silver, similar to RAL 9007
ACRYLCOLOR silver, similar to RAL 9006

Extra colours for the S 9000 series

RAL 3011
RAL 6009
RAL 7039
RAL 9010 — white

Suitable for this system

Glazing bars